Community Care

Welcome to Christ Apostolic Community Care

Christ Apostolic Community Care (CACC) is a multicultural non-profit Christian Community organization, an arm of the Christ Apostolic Church Praise Centre Inc., to provide a variety of community service delivery to the community.  Our extended services across Sydney, State of New South Wales, Commonwealth of Australia, and to the International Community

Christ Apostolic Community Care has a history of providing support to Asylum seekers, Refugees, Migrants to Australia, Our commitment is to provide information and referral services assistance to migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, victim of family domestic violence (FDV), Youth services, Women, Family, Victim of female genital mutilation (FGM), emergency relief services to the community, as well as the broader Australian community, based on their need.

Christ Apostolic Community Care has been providing service to the vulnerable, poor and socially excluded with respect, compassion and love.  We believe God calls us to us to care for and love one another, just as He cares for us and loves us. It is this love, shown to us in the life and death of our Lord Jesus Christ that motivates us to meet the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of others in the community.

Our Vision of Lives changing and communities growing by care through Jesus Christ, Our Mission is to provide care, service and advocacy to people in need in the community

Our Faith in Christ Apostolic Community Care exists to meet the material, social, emotional and spiritual needs of those who come to us for assistance.  We acknowledge that each person is created by God, and disregard racial, cultural, socioeconomic, and man-made barriers that divide us from each other. Our faith in Jesus Christ compels us to act with compassion, help the vulnerable, asylum seekers, refugees, families, youths, children, and are a voice for the disadvantaged.

What we do in Christ Apostolic Community Care that benefit the community include, but not limited to educational programs such as basic computer training for the people in need of basic IT training, we facilitate human rights educations and meetings to raise the awareness of the individual rights and mutual respects for others in the community.  We also provide free community language for the people in need, and especially for the children and youth to be able to have a basic understanding of their heritage.

We do  facilitate  basic training and information session on the awareness of the rule of  law as it is applicable to  all people in the community, this is to help and to assist our  youths, individuals and families to be aware and getting the understanding of what the law and the respect of the laws are all about in Australia.

Working in partnership with other groups

  • The importance of a service delivery program is friendly and respectful environment in assisting clients to feel at home, to seek help required, to grow in confidence and self esteem and to increasingly assume responsibility for their own lives.

  • Confidentiality and trust – this contributes to the establishment of a secure and caring environment where staff, volunteers and clients’ rights to privacy and respect are safeguarded.
  • Empowerment – every effort will be made to empower clients and to prevent dependency.
  • Recognizing Australia as a signatory to international agreements regarding human rights and those of our Clients
Contact us: Christ Apostolic Community Care, 34 Clements Avenue Bankstown NSW 2200. Phone: 0469 201 711. Email:  To  make  a donation please click on the link:
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