Our Church


Our Calling

To Preach, Teach, Build, Equip, Make Disciples, Praise, Worship, Train, Proclaim, Promote, Heal, Bless, Prosper, Outreach, Witness, Evangelise, To  Build the Community  and assist the community in need

Our Vision

  • To plant Biblical churches with missions and outreaches throughout Australia and beyond.
  • To proclaim the Biblical prophetic message of the Gospel of Christ in Australia.
  • To demonstrates the Power of His resurrection for signs, wonders and miracles in peoples life.
  • To set at liberty the oppressed from the power of the Devil
  • To build and train a Biblical discipleship Church for national and international missions.
  • To train for Biblical, prophetic, praise and worship church.
  • Organising outreaches, and evangelistic campaigns.
  • Partnering with other Indigenous Bible believing Churches in Australia.
  • Partnering with other Biblical churches, Pastors, Christian Ministries/Missions internationally.
  • Establish social and Christian humanitarian relief programs/ organization to help the poor, refugees/asylum seekers, both national and international.
  • Establish Christian schools in Australia.
  • To support and engaged in community capacity building, Social justice, Community empowerment and Social institution

Our Mission

Christ Apostolic Community Care (CACC) is committed to serve its clients, asylum seekers, refugees, migrant, African Community, Family, Youths, Women  without discrimination on the basis of age, gender, race, sexuality and religion. We recognize that this group of people, displaced from their homes and homelands through war, conflict or persecution arrive in Australia suffering from trauma and loss; they are in need of help (Physical and Spiritual), and accompaniment, especially those who have been  traumatized by lengthy periods in Immigration Detention and the difficulties of settlement.

Our Objectives

Christ Apostolic Community Care (CACC) provides both physical, Spiritual, helping, delivery services and community programs services to Migrants, African community, asylum seekers, refugees, family, Youths

  • We provide a trustful and friendship environment for our clients and to assist them in having access to equal service delivery and community programs
  • We facilitate  programs for our client to help them develop their capacity to engage confidently in all aspects of  social life and easy access into Australian community, culture and social welfare
  • Empowering the clients  and enabling them to become full and independent members of the Australian community

Our Principle

 Our  underpinning Principles

  • Inclusivity – all are welcome regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion or gender.
  • Dignity of and Respect for each individual person, their ethnic origins, culture and religious beliefs.
  • Equity – in the context of recognizing and responding to the unique circumstances of each person, we seek to welcome and serve people with evenness, impartiality and fairness.