Our Projects

Our Projects before Year 2030

Christ Apostolic Church Praise Centre, New South Wales stands as the National Missionary Headquarters for all other branches of the church in Australia. As the church grows, the projects listed below will be undertaken:

  • 30 acres of land in NSW, Australia to build our ultra-modern Auditorium
  • National headquarters
  • Offices, departments and mission tower
  • International Christian School
  • Theological college, and CAC Praise University
  • National & International Conference halls
  • International Praise crusade ground
  • Pastors and church ministers quarters
  • CAC Praise Centre TV
  • Christ Apostolic Community Care Centre

Immediate Church/Community/Social Projects

At Christ Apostolic Church Praise Centre (CAC PC) we request and soliciting for donations and financial partnership with us from Australia and all round the world to keep the vision and mission of the CAC Praise Centre running. We will like to purchase a Church property to effectively run the Church and community affairs of our organization to better serve the community. Below is the property information:

  • Open Warehouse
  • 528 sqm
  • Land area: 860.00m2 (Approx.)
  • Offices, Car Parks, Amenities, Open Spaces, Security Fence
  • Price: AUD $ 1.5M

Renovation of our Current premises will cost $ 50,000

Church/Community Bus/Coach: $35,000

Study/Training Room Materials & Equipment: $25,000

Community Recording Studio: $150,000

Church/Outreach Music equipment: $30,000

Resident Pastor/Minister’s Car: $10,000

Sponsors for Church/Community Social activities: $10,000 (Per Month).

Christ Apostolic Church Praise Centre is a non for profit Christian Church, we are a community organization, we are a charity, and we provide services to our local community and the international community. Christ Apostolic Church Praise Centre supports people, family, individual, men, women, youths, people with disability, aged person and children in need. We are running a fundraising campaign for donations to implement and to execute the above project and needs to best serve our community. We need your donations, financial help, and your financial partnership towards any of our projects.

Click on the link to make  donation: