About Us


We are Christ Apostolic Church Praise Centre Incorporated in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Praise Centre is an international, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Multicultural, Prophetic Prayers Church and A Non Profit Christian Church that provides assistance and meeting the needs of the people in Australia. Christ Apostolic Church Praise Centre is a church where lives are being touched and transformed through the Power of the Holy Spirit. People are also blessed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We sincerely believe that you are not here by accident, and we appreciate the opportunity to have you fellowshiping with us here in Australia, or anytime you visit Australia. We hope we can be a source of Spiritual and Physical refreshment, Encouragement, Blessing, and an avenue to build your faith in the Lord. We pray that your visit will refresh your walking with God.

We are a Prophetic Biblical Church that believes in the Biblical fundamentals, the teaching and preaching of the infallible word of God, Christianity, the Trinity, and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that salvation is by believing and accepting the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary. We teach and preach sound biblical teachings to help you live a fruitful life for God.

Things are not ordinary in our Church; they are supernatural; come and join us and experience a change for your life and destiny. This is a full Pentecostal and Outpouring of the Holy Spirit power manifestation with living testimony, signs & wonders church. Thank you for your visit to our website. Remember this: It’s not about your doing or our doing, but it’s all about Him ( God Almighty Through Jesus Christ ) who connected us together so that we can proclaim and show forth His Praises, and Glory.
Christ Apostolic Church Praise Centre, New South Wales, Australia, is an effective praying Church, with Ministries, Missions, and Gospel Campaigns to reach Australians and beyond with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.